Friday, November 9, 2007

Thanksgiving Charge!

Alright. I need some help--

I posted this on the cooking chat yesterday--

Our Veg. Thanksgiving: So, my parents don't eat meat, and my sisters and I only eat chicken. Our solution for Thanksgiving fare? Stuffed Shells (mozzerella cheese and potatoes w/ seasonings), Eggplant Parmesean all supported by the traditional startchy Thanksgiving Fare (mashed potatoes, apple pie, green beans, cranberry sauce). We've enjoyed coming up with new ways to make our 'traditional' Thanksgiving Food--but I wanted to make something different this year--so i'm excited about this chat.

Mimi Clark: Sounds like you like to think out of the box. How about the addition of a roasted root veggie pizza?

Kim O'Donnel: or what about pumpkin or sweet potato-filled ravioli? Or a winter squash lasagna? I feel like roasted greens would be a nice addition for you...roasted brocc or kale or even a nice bowl of roasted cauli...

Do you guys have any suggestions? Also can you buy sweet potato/pumpkin ravioli in the store or do you think we should make it from scratch.....



T said...

How about some stuffed squash of some sort? Here's one from the NY times.

Also, I like the pumpkin or butternut squash ravioli idea (with goat cheese and pinenuts!).

Another fabulous (but starchy) idea is butternut squash risotta with sage and parmesan. This dish is no-fail delicious.

A stuffed squash with roasted veggies is probably your most festive looking idea though. (If we're thinking centerpiece material.)

Priya said...

wow that sounds great.. I was trying to figure out what type of sauce we'd use since tomato probablly wouldn't taste the same..

i love me some risotta